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Don't ask how this worgen got his hands on a goblin trike. Just don't. Because it's not very interesting. ... Fine. He got it by accident, thanks to Blizzard's messing around with worgen mount stuff this beta patch. There. Are you happy now? Way to ruin the magic. Your mother and I are very disappointed in you.

Rin asked:

What are player health levels looking like in Cataclysm? I would assume they're getting pretty ridiculous at this point. I saw a video with a warlock with 80,000 health ...

My level 83 rogue has 55k HP. A tank in level 85 gear with buffs has roughly 100k.

Charon asked:

Do we know how many new factions there will be to gain rep with in Cataclysm? I need seven more for the exalted.

So far, we know of the following:
  • Therazane
  • Ramkahen
  • Guardians of Hyjal
  • Earthen Ring
  • Wildhammer Clan/Dragonmaw Clan
  • Baradin Wardens/Hellscream's Reach
So you'll be one short. Sorry, guy!

Skurfer48 asked:

I have a question about mastery. From what I have heard, it's pretty well implemented in the beta, but I am wondering about one thing in particular. If I remember correctly, Blizzard initially intended mastery to be something that made people have a reason to wear their best type of armor. (i.e. warriors and hunters not using leather gear because it was BiS due to the stats it had and what they wanted for their spec.) So I am wondering if this is still involved in mastery somehow? From what I have heard, it is just a stat like any other, which would lead me to believe it won't change anything about people sometimes wearing a lower class of armor; if anything, it might further it because someone might want a lower class or armor because it has more mastery and their mastery bonus is really nice. Am I missing something, or did they kind of scrap the idea of mastery effecting you wearing the best class or armor you can?

Your extremely long question can be answered thusly: You receive a 5 percent bonus to your main stat (agility, strength, intellect, etc.) for wearing your proper armor class in all available slots. Mastery, the stat, has nothing to do with that bonus.

Levx3 asked:

Since worgen are going to be their own mounts, will we tauren get our Plainstriding back? I remember the problems it had in early WoW, but they seem to have fixed them.


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