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Completing Surveys

TIP 1: Make sure you are following the offers all the way to the end - this may mean clicking 'Skip' or 'Skip Offer' through 10-15 pages before you get your result.

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Requesting Vouchers

Once you have earned 450 points (cost of the cheapest voucher), a clickable treasure chest icon will become visible on the Members page; Click it to be taken to the Request page, then follow the instructions to claim your voucher. See the Vouchers page for a list of available vouchers.

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Why would we ever want a World of Warcraft guide?

I consider myself to be a relative expert of almost all things to do with World of Warcraft. That's why, when I saw this new dailies and events guide, I was pretty surprised. I mean, I can understand a few people maybe wanting a WoW Dailies guide to help them, but the guide seemed very popular.

That got me thinking a bit. At first I thought, I've been playing WoW since it was in beta, so I know almost everything there is to know about dailies and events - but what about newer players, or players who just aren't as hardcore as me? After a while, I was just too curious to stand it anymore.

So, after deciding to just give Zygor's Dailies & Events Guide a shot (I wasn't expecting much at all), I was in for a rather big surprise. I was completing dailies faster than I ever had before - and I'm an expert! Once I picked up my trampled ego off the floor, I was pretty impressed. I mean, I was doing things in only a few minutes what used to take me an hour, or more, to complete.


Now, I'm the proud owner of full heirloom item sets for all classes and I got my Crusader title faster than I thought was possible. All in all, I use Zygor's guide every day, and if you are looking to do dailies and get heirloom items and your Crusader title really fast, this guide is not a bad investment.

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