Faces of Cataclysm ~ Chapter I. ~ SONS OF GRIM BATOL {World of Warcraft machinima}

So here it is, the pilot-like first episode of Faces of Cataclysm, a series of portraits of random heroes from all around Azeroth.

Three hurrays for the adorable and amazing voice talent!

The well famous Matt Greenberg,

Matt Eades of http://www.angstystudios.com/

...the one and only Rawrbug...

...Zenith, the most evil villain...

...and Gamza the reincarnation of King Therenas.

The character of Hrumbold was conjured by the mind of the wise Grumagar himself (who was also responsible for the Hun subs =D)

Thanks for watching, and stay tuned.


World of Warcraft Cataclysm Alpha Create Character Screen


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